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U.S. Government Will Soon Spend More on Interest Payments Than Defense

Higher Treasury yields are adding an extra trillion-plus dollars in deficit spending.

Realtors Are in Crisis—and Home Buyers Could Be the Winners

A wave of lawsuits over fees paid to agents has put the giant trade association on the defense; ‘It got arrogant,’ said one real-estate executive.

Paramount Discussed Streaming Deal with Comcast

The two companies have recently discussed a streaming partnership or joint-venture for Paramount+ and Peacock.

Million-Dollar Home Sales Were Rare Around Pensacola. Now They’re Everywhere.

The development of the Florida city’s downtown has been a boon to its luxury market, which is showing little sign of letting up.

62% of Americans Lack College Degree. Can They Solve the Labor Shortage?

IBM, Delta and others have dropped college degree requirements but old hiring habits are hard to break.

New OpenAI Technology Can Create Realistic Video From a Line of Text

The AI program called Sora renders richly detailed videos based on written prompts.

SpaceX Forges Closer Ties With U.S. Spy and Military Agencies

The Elon Musk-led company has grown from a for-hire rocket launcher into a major national-security contractor.

The Economy Is Booming, Data Show. Wall Street Disagrees.

A handful of high-profile reports on inflation, gross domestic product and the labor market have shown a hot economy, but many economists have minimized these surprises.

Megaprojects in the Desert Sap Saudi Arabia’s Cash

To fill gaps, the kingdom has turned to borrowing, and it plans another sale of stock in Saudi Aramco.

An Executive Bought a Rival’s Stock. The SEC Says That’s Insider Trading.

Defense lawyers say the case is the first to involve “shadow insider trading.”

Walmart Seals $2.3 Billion Deal for TV Maker Vizio

The purchase grants the retailer access to data and more space to sell ads as it eyes growth beyond selling goods.

For Marijuana Users, Even Legalization Doesn’t Guarantee Safety

Mold, pesticides and heavy metals can contaminate pot products, threatening to sicken users.

Capital One Is Buying Discover Financial for $35 Billion

The deal would combine two of the largest credit-card companies in the U.S. at a booming time for the sector.

Barclays Leans Away From Wall Street in Revamp Plan

The U.K. lender will cap the share of assets devoted to its sprawling investment-banking arm in favor of its home business.

American Airlines Bumps Up Baggage Fees

American Airlines will now charge $40 to check a bag at the airport for domestic flights or $35 for those who pay in advance online. A second bag will now cost $45.

Don’t Build That E-Commerce Warehouse in My Backyard, More Communities Say

Consumers love next-day delivery but oppose the spread of logistics properties that make it possible.

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