Open House Checklist

Before Open House Preparation

- Be professional. Dress well and drive the best car. If you drive a luxury car, park right on the driveway with front facing out.

- Let Music enrich the house. Take portable speakers and class music in your bag.

- Show the buyer the direction. Take Open House sign and put them in the right places

- Lighting up the house. Turn on all lights, open all window curtains or blinds to let nature light in.

- Final Clean up. Make sure all toilet paper folded nicely, all trash cans gone or empty and clean. Hide away all personal belongings.

- Bring sweat and drinks. Everyone loves candy in the deep subconscious. Rewarding the potential buyers and agents could be a big plus to your listing.

- Put marketing materials in the right place. Place Business card, material sheet, highlights and area maps/neighborhood information.

- Open the front door. Make sure the entry is clear and welcome.

- Bring other small stuff. Notepads, pens, napkins, water bottles, tape, hand sanitizer, trash bags etc.

During Open House

- Keep smiling and welcome everyone to step in the door. Act as you are the host of an event.

- Introduce yourself and be active. Especially if the guests are coming without their agents or the neighbors to check up the market, offer them to tour the house and accompany them when possible.

- Sign the attendees to the sign-in sheet. It would be a nice source for the current listing as well as your future marketing database.

- Offer business cards to people who engage and ask questions.

- Always ask for feedback on the property and open house to share back with your seller. What they like and what they dislike.

After Open House

- Clean up and revert all changes. Take all things you bring to the open house including the open house sign. Clean up the place, turn off lights, close all windows, doors and make sure the front door is properly locked.

- Feedback to the seller(s). Keep the seller(s) updated about the open house situation such as how many visitors, how many visitors showed strong interest.

- Follow up the open house broker attendees. Email or send short messages to ask for feedback. Or call them one by one.

- Follow up buyer leads. Many times, there are buyers new to the market without any agent. Follow through those leads carefully and patiently, your effort has a high probability to be paid off.

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