Office Process

We simplify our process to minimize your paperwork time
so that you can do other productive and meaningful activities
such as: do more business or simply staying with your loved family.

No learning curve, you only need to know how to use email

Milestone 00: Start with Trust

Trust is a verb, an action. It takes years of repeatedly doing the right thing to earn trust. But it may take just one second, one action to lose it.

You trust the company because, for every closing, the company will direct deposit your commission to your checking account in time. Once the company stops doing that, your trust in the company is lost.

Vise versa, the company trusts you because, for every closing, you will send the paperwork in time, before or right after receiving the commission from the company. Once you stop doing that, the company's trust in you is lost.

It takes discipline and character to do the right thing especially if it takes effort, time or even money to do it.

Let's cherish the mutual trust we have in each other. Let's keep doing the right things.

Milestone 01: Mutual Contact Signed

Agent to send mutual contract to and cc to kick off office process

Email subject: "MUTUAL Full_Address_to_be_replaced - MLSxxx"
(Email subject example: "MUTUAL 12404 xxth Ave NE Kirkland - MLS1624xx5)"


1. DOL mandate agents to submit PSA within 2 Business Days after mutual
This is a checkpoint where many agents failed.

2. DOL mandate to have Agency Disclosure.
DOL reinforced the agency disclosure, aiming to provide agents greater protection.
Please ask your clients sign any of the following form
- Agent as Listing or Buyer Agent (Form42 to download)
- Or Agent as Dual Agent (DualAgent Form to download)
- Or Agent as Buyer (PrincipalBuyer Form to download)
- Or Agent as Seller (PrincipalSeller Form to download)

3. Escalation Clause triggered, Competing Offer has to be part of records to be achieved
Please send competing offer align with PSA in case escalation clause is triggered, no matter if you are on listing side or buyer side

Milestone 02: Disburse Form Signed

Agent to use NWMLS Transaction Desk to fill Form40(Commission Disbursement) and add Fan Ten with email as signer. Example of Buyer Agent Form40, Example of Listing Agent Form40
The company receives the e-sign requirement, reviews the form and signs it through NWMLS Transaction Desk.
Agent downloads the signed copy, together with wire instruction and sends it to escrow to execute (cc and broker@welakeside).
Please let escrow know that only online wire is accepted, No Paper Check

Email subject: "FORM40 Full_Address_to_be_replaced - MLSxxx"
(Email subject example: "FORM40 12404 xxth Ave NE Kirkland - MLS1624xx5)"

Why "Wire Only, No Paper Check"?
1. Fast (no wait for check clearing time)
2. More environment friendly
(no carbon dioxide emissions caused by UPS/FedEx, no paper manufacturing pollution)
3. No C-19 Virus (or any other virus)
4. No cost to you (company pays the wire fee)
5. Less work (for everyone)

Milestone 03: Pre-closing Recorded

Agent to download closing form template   |   (pdf print version), fill the contents, attach other essential documents (please find the checklist inside the downloaded form template) and send to and cc for record.

Important notice: The content is more important than the format. If you have problems working with the excel file, please type the needed information as plain text in the email you will send out, as an alternative solution.

Email subject: "RECORD Full_Address_to_be_replaced - MLSxxx"
(Email subject example: "RECORD 12404 xxth Ave NE Kirkland - MLS1624xx5)"

Email content example
1. Closing form Excel file (template defined by WeLakeside) (download template)
2. Listing detail PDF file (download from NWMLS)(example)
3. Earnest Money Receipt PDF file (sent from Escrow)(example)
4. Final Settlement Statement (sent from Escrow)(example)
5. Mutual accepted contract PDF file(example)
6. Agency Disclosure (Form42 or other dual, principal forms)
7. Competing offer in case escalation clause is triggered in multiple offers scenario
8. Form40 Commission Disburse Form
9. Form22E (Tax Withhold FIRPTA Certification)
10. Condor resale certificate (needed only for condor/apartment)
11. Form 22J Lead-Based Paint and Hazards Disclosure (needed only for property built before 1978)

Example 01 | Example 02 | Example 03 | Example 04

Example 05 | Example 06 | Example 07 | Example 08

Why "closing form template"?
1. Useful
(We had cases that our clients had issues on title recording a few years after closing. With this information, you can easily find the escrow and title agents who handled the transaction and fix the problem rather quickly)
2. Better organized (for quick recall your transaction closed a few years ago)
3. Easy pass the Audit from DOL

Milestone 04: Commission Distributed

The company receives the commission from Escrow.
After deducting the local/county/city/state tax/insurance and transaction fee, the company directly deposits the remaining commission to the agent's bank account online.

Milestone 05: Transaction Closed

Company review, audit and record the transaction according to regulation requirements with Agent's inputs if any.

Miscellaneous 06: Earnest Money

Any change about Earnest Money needs to be notified to the seller(s) and documented in written files.

The changes includes but not limited to
- Delay of delivery
- The method of delivery
  (for example, changed from check to wire)
  (that's why it's recommended to use 'Check or Wire' in PSA)

The seller(s) needs to be notified about the change either by email or by mutual sign the updated existing form or new change form.

The email, or the updated existing form or the new change form used to communicate the change needs to be documented and achieved.

Things you can NOT do in WeLakeside

Can NOT Do #1: Publicly Announce Discount of Your Service
We are not a discount brokerage firm. Most of our agents charge full commission. You can discount your service privately in one-to-one settings with your clients. But publicly announcing the discount in your webpage, social media or other media is NOT acceptable, because it will have a negative impact on other WeLakeside agents. The company provides our associates a low fee structure so that you could use the extra income to invest in your kids, your family, your business or yourself so that you could be a Better Version of Yourself. Not to enable you to drag down other WeLakeside agents' commission.

Can NOT Do #2: Set Buyer Agent Commission Lower than 2.5% When Acting as a Listing Agent
Many agents in this industry need the buyer agent commission to sustain themselves and their loved family. You can charge a lower rate to provide listing service to your seller(s), you have your own permission. But do NOT undercut the buyer agents' lifeline, you do NOT have the permission from them. If you have a really expensive house to list and the buyer commission will be too huge even with a lower buyer agent commission rate (like one of our recent $8M listing), please get permission from the company firstly before you go ahead.
If your career goal is being a discount agent, we are not the right firm for you. Please go to other firms that better fit your style.