We highly recommended WeLakeside if anyone is looking for a real estate agent/broker.  We switched to WeLakeside after recognizing their deeper understanding of our needs compared with other agents.  They took many hours of meticulous preparation and planning for our house-hunting and offer-making. It was a great experience and it’s our great pleasure in recommending theirs to you sincerely!
-> Randolph Y. (Microsoft)

We highly recommend WeLakeside who helped us buy the house in Bellevue. They understand the market. They are very nice to people, very dedicated to our case and always replied quickly. The most important thing is their ability to sincerely care about our interests. We are very happy to have her as our real estate agent.
-> Kai L. (Microsoft)

We really appreciate WeLakeside's excellence for their comprehensive understanding of our needs, fast turning around and their experiences to address our concerns in every corner, from the beginning of contacting to the end of closing. It's been a pleasure working with their as our Real Estate Agent.
-> Bryan (Microsoft)

WeLakeside is professional and caring. Some agents would go for houses with higher price because they can get more out of it. But They knows my personal background and recommends me lower price condos instead, so that I can sell/rent it in future when I'm ready for a single family house. They respond fast and responsibly. Whenever I change my mind/conditions, they can quickly find several houses and make appointments available for the next day! Eventually I didn't buy one for personal reasons. They didn't express any kind of disappointment the whole time and wished me luck. They'll definitely be the first one I contact next time I want to buy a house!
-> Cai (Microsoft)

We have a very smooth transaction and get a really good deal in this hot market with WeLakeside's support. They understand the market and learn our needs very carefully.  It was an experience work with WeLakeside and we would like to happily recommend her to you if you are looking for a real estate agent! 

We’d like to share a recommendation of WeLakeside
-> Zhimin Y.  (Microsoft)

WeLakeside had sincerely borne my interests in all their actions. My needs/desires are the starting point for them. They and the team use BIG DATA as a tool to generate reports to help me to make better informed decisions. The BIG DATA they are tracking and data mining including but not limited to King County real estate property records, Historic housing transaction records, US public companies annual report (especially companies root in the Great Seattle Area), State/City/Zip Code average family education level, annual incoming statistics, etc. Customer satisfaction and protecting customers is their only target (Key Performance Indicator). Getting transactions done is never a concern to them. They and the team used detailed analysis and report to identify the deeply hidden risks behind the documents/records of land/property I was interested in for quite many times. Through them, I sold my property at a good price, now I'm working with them to search for an attractive land/house. They spent many hours in my case. We enjoy the harmony in the process. I hope their professional service can help more people who have similar needs as me.  
-> Annie W.  (Microsoft)

We are more than happy to recommend WeLakeside as a professional real estate agent. WeLakeside always replies quickly and very dedicated to our case. They are easy going people and know the market quite well. With their help we got a good deal around this March. We really appreciate their great job.
-> Stephen Z.  (Amazon)

WeLakeside is a very professional agent. They work as a strong team to help customers buy houses. WeLakeside's response is very quick. They truly care about their customers. Highly recommend them to you.  
- Kelly H. (Microsoft)

They and their team are very professional. They always stand in the customer's shoes and think hard about how to buy the most suitable/desirable house based on the customer's particular situation. They never pushed me to make decisions (the very important character to me). They were always patient to answer any question from me and most importantly try to protect my very interest from any trouble and trap. They are very reliable and can be fully trusted. In the whole transaction, you don't need to be worried about any kind of trouble and trap. I do hope their very best service can help more people.
- Ching C. (Microsoft)

Strongly recommend WeLakeside to you as a real estate agent. It's difficult to buy a house remotely from Beijing China to help my daughter establish her first stand in United States. It's even difficult for us as a working family, because the huge amount of purchasing money involved is almost all of our life-time savings. It's our luck to get to known WeLakeside . By using their professional knowledge and services, they helped the people who have zero knowledge like us to quickly and scientifically fill the gap between the ideal and reality. They helped us solve any single problem we encountered during the whole process which lasted for more than one year from the time we started to consult until we finally bought the house. They always protect our very interests in the first place when there might be potential to hurt our interests. Most importantly, earning commission fees is never their first priority. They always acted like a good friend. No matter when it is the time. They always provided us with honest, fact-based comments and suggestions.  Working with WeLakeside, you not only select a professional real estate agent, but also a trustful friend
- Mrs Xu (Beijing)

We heard a lot of colleagues recommended WeLakeside and their team so often that we decided to work with them to shop my house. After going through the whole process, the excellent experience reinforced my preference and I'd like to recommend them to you as well. Our situation was relatively complicated and it lasts longer than usual. They are extremely patient all the time and never push us to make an offer. They used their professional knowledge and experience, helped us to analyze many different aspects of the house and came with value/price recommendations. They provided us full consultation and very valuable advice along the way. They sincerely care for their customers, try to protect us from any possible downside risk and actively look for big upside potential property. Highly recommended!

-> Ms Xin (NanJing, China)


It's very lucky for us to find Ms. WeLakeside as our Real Estate Agent. They and the team are very warmhearted in getting along with people, professional in valuation of the real estate market and swift/agile in communication. During the process of shopping the houses, They helped us adjust our target according to our specific situation and market dynamic, They are always easy-going and patient. Finally, They helped us find the most suitable and lovely house. Highly recommended!

- Ms Zhang (Beijing, China)


Highly recommend WeLakeside and the team. We just closed our transaction. During the process, they never pushed us which are an important character to us. If they feel the house is not worthy of the price, they will try very hard to use the data analysis and report to warn us and keep us from overpaid property. They used to do qualitative and quantitative data analysis in their previous work. They utilize the same qualitative and quantitative approach to analyze the house under concern. Using previous transaction records, government records etc. big data; they did a lot of homework and try to evaluate the houses from as many as possible aspects. With the market behavior analysis and report, they usually will provide you a rational market price to guide you making an offer/bid. Even if we didn't win the bid, most of the finally sold price is within the price range they provided in the original report. Most of the communications were done by Wechat. They always provide very fast response/communication not only to the questions we asked but also the things they thought it's important to us. Using such a scientific approach, they created value for their customers and themselves. They leveraged that knowledge, past experience and provided us with many good suggestions/ideas from an investment point of view. We hoped they could help you too.

- R S N. (Microsoft US)


They are good at qualitative and quantitative data analysis to help you customarily make your real estate property purchasing plan. They are reliable and trustworthy, highly recommended.

- Ava G. (Amazon US)

WeLakeside and the team provided warm customer service, deep real estate market data analysis and reports. They always tried to protect customer interests from beginning to end such as the house on-site troubleshooting, price strategy and negotiation. We really appreciated their professional service. And thereby I highly recommended their service to you

- Mr. M (ShenZhen, China)


Highly recommend WeLakeside and their team. They have rich real estate experience, armed with big data analysis/mining technology, and most importantly, always put customer interests in the first place. The timing for us to on-site house touring was restricted due to our busy and long working hours and many social events. They never complained about it and always adapted their schedule according to our requests. They always responded to our questions, concerns very quickly and correctly (after retrospection), including some key financing advice (such as: Should we sell our long positions immediately with loss when the stock markets dropped sharply lower because of Brexit? Do we need to use an ARM mortgage loan?). Under such a hot real estate market, they kept calm, patient and never relaxed the standard of filtering investment-unwise properties. With their big market data analysis, we fought wisely with confidence, patience during the housing bidding war and finally bought our 1st dream home in Seattle. We trust them and also hope their professional and warm services could help my friends and more people like you.

- Ms Y. Y. (Amazon)

VERY HELPFUL! As our first time purchasing a property, the process was completely new to us. WeLakeside and the team were always nice to us with authoritative answers to all sorts of questions that came up from us. We visited 5-7 houses each week and our house visits lasted as long as 8 weeks until we found a nice property to go to, and that was very good experience with WeLakeside and the team's accompaniment as we kept getting useful suggestions and never got any push from them. Before each house visiting, WeLakeside and the team got well prepared with detailed information of the house printed, and what surprised us is his data driven mind that helped us to make subjective and reasonable decisions. If you are looking for someone who is patient, nice and knowledgeable, I would definitely give a big YES to WeLakeside and the team.

- Ms B. B. (T-Mobile)



Excellent service! They are very patient and always bear my interests in mind. I’m satisfied every single step during the whole procedure. The house I finally purchased has a very good location, wide open city and ocean view. I will definitely work with them again for my next house purchase.

 - Ms Y. Y. (University of Washington)



I strongly recommend WeLakeside and their team. They are very professional and patient. They know the market and provide us with very detailed analysis driven by big data. They always stand in my shoes and provide me with very good suggestions. I’m a first time buyer without any knowledge. Through the house search procedure, I gradually knew what I wanted and changed the type of house I need. They are always patient despite my back and forth. I really appreciate they protect my interest and shield me from many risks and finally negotiated a very good price for my property. Again strongly recommend WeLakeside and their team

- Ms Y. M. (Amazon)

It's our first time living in the US and we don't know anything about houses. With referral from a friend, we choose WeLakeside and their team as our buyer agent. The decision is approved as a good decision. As a buyer agent, they provided more than an agent needs to be done. They provide us with the different types of houses in the US and the advantages and disadvantages respectively. After weighting all the factors, we decided to buy a single family house. They help us analyze the advantages and disadvantages of every single house, the value/price ratio, investment key performance indicator. They answered all questions we asked. With data driven analysis, they provide the best price/bid strategy advice. When our offers are not selected, they comfort us. Finally with their help, we purchased the house we liked. Even after the transaction is closed when they have no obligation to provide us any assistant, as a friend, they still are very patiently answering all of our questions. They even generated ideas to help us improve the house. Many thanks again for WeLakeside and their team. Without any hold-back, I sincerely recommend WeLakeside and their team for all my friends who plan to purchase a house in the US!

- Mr. D. (Shanghai)